Sunday, September 15 thru 28, 2019, Move to Bald Ridge, She's Here! Grandbaby's first week, Cumming, GA

Our stay in Georgia was scheduled to continue at Bald Ridge Corps of Engineers Campground on Lake Lanier near Cumming, GA. The drive was not long, 50.3 miles (95,297.5 total) but it was challenging at times. To avoid the traffic around the square in Cumming, GA we traveled a few back roads that had me nervous. One had a sign telling us no thru traffic was allowed and several times we heard low branches hitting our antennas and air conditioning units.

The drive was worth the effort. We had actually been here once before many years before full-timing but it did not look familiar. After thinking about it for a while and looking at old pictures we realized we were at the site right across the drive from our current site.

Bald Ridge is a fantastic campground with beautiful spacious and level sites.

Our Son and Daughter-in-law were scheduled to have labor induced on the following Monday the 16th, so being situated on Lake Lanier was much better (17 miles to the hospital-28 minutes) than Lake Allatoona (35 miles to the hospital-65 minutes).

Sunrise on the 16th - expecting a Grandbaby today! But the Powers That Be had other plans!

Everything is ready! So much more complicated than when we did this 38 years ago!

This monitor shows the contractions of three mothers-to-be in three different rooms. I'm not sure which one was Sara's.

I don't know about Jon and Sara but I'm ready! Oops, we are soon to find out, alas, not today, not yet. The tune for "Patience (Herbert The Snail)" is playing in my head as I recall this day.

Our granddaughter finally made her appearance on the 18th. Poor Sara! She went into the hospital very early on Monday morning and Sweet Baby Girl made her appearance nearly 60 hours later.

Our kids are leery of having pictures of the baby with a name and birth date on the internet (and rightfully so). Joani wanted to use the pseudonym ANnie sweetPea, but I guess she read my facial contortions as a "maybe not."

Just a few hours old in Daddy's arms.
Sara was amazing! After 60 hours (3 hours pushing) Sweet baby girl was born!

Just 1 day old and she already has Grandpa wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Mom, Dad, and 2-day old angel are ready to go home, but first, the hospital provided a "congratulations" meal.

A big yawn...

...and then back to sleep. It's been an exhausting adventure so far!

8 days old with Auntie Kate.

My brother Don drove my mom down from Tennessee to visit her latest great-grandchild (my nephew now has two little boys). They stayed for a couple of days and even spent their last night in the coach since it was conveniently on the way home. It was great to spend time with them!

We found a really great route to Jon's house that took as little as 25 minutes - I will certainly miss that as we struggle with crosstown traffic from campgrounds around Lake Allatoona.

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